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February 2012

American Craft Council Baltimore Show

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Made it to the ACC show in Baltimore this past Saturday and was there some beautiful work there.  Inspiration around every corner and most of the exhibitors were very willing to talk about their experiences.  It was eye opening on all sides.  Take a booth like Johnathan’s Spoons, non stop sales.  You walk past that booth and the customers are standing in line product in one hand, wallet in the other hand waiting to take their new treasures home. Then the booths with the most amazing furniture are getting only a trickle of visitors wanting to take a closer look.  There was one exception to this furniture observation.  David Stine had great traffic when we came through.  He had just brought in a load of glue up long grain cutting boards that he was selling for 100 $/ea and customers would pick them up as fast as he could put them out.  We stood there for a period of time looking for the secret he held to generate the traffic but could find nothing.

There are allot of amazing items there and I hope one day soon my work will stand side by side with theirs at these shows

Shaker Boxes and the joy of quiet

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I am working on a new product line building shaker style boxes and shaker style trays.  Allot of thanks goes out to John Wilson for all of the information he has published to help get anyone started building these timeless boxes.  How long does a design need to be built before you would consider it successful?  These boxes are over 150 years old and still loved today.

The old traditional design, with the lap joint as a straight seam that ran up the side of the box, is where I started in designing my own lap joint.  To give it a little more visual interest I swept the seam on a radius equal to the height of the box to a 45 degree angle and continued the angle into the top, aligning it with the seam of the box.


I love working with wood, and have been very fortunate to be able to do so.  Up to this point I have been working primarily with power tools thinking that is the best way to work, we did not go through the industrial revolution for nothing.  After a few weeks of building prototypes and finished products I have come to truly enjoy some peace and quiet in the shop.  All parts are made on power tools but the time I enjoy the most is boiling the handles to bend on the forms.  The soft sounds of simmering water and the tap of the hammer clinching copper tacks is a great relief to my ears.  I think this may be a turning point for me, working with hand tools may be my new woodworking passion.

Now to convince my wife to let me invest in more tools…