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January 2013

Warm weather I beg of you

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I am working on a project that requires me to glue up some wide panels.  After spending hours trying to warm up the shop I glue up may panel, wait two hours in clamps only to find the glue joint failed.  I love the snow but this cold is making my work harder than it needs to be.  Here is looking for Spring

New Tools, feel like a kid at Christmas

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I received some hand tools for Christmas and am finally getting around to trying them out.  I received a full set of Narex chisels and a small brass mallet all from Lee Valley.  Today I am finally getting around to hinging the door to our vanity that I built 3 years ago.  I spent about an hour honing the chisels until my wife informed me my arm looked sickly with all of the patches of hair missing.  I only used one of the set of 10 today and it cut through the red oak like butter.  I used the brass mallet to hog out the waste and then pared to fit by hand.  Using the chisels both ways was a pleasure and they would remove paper thin shavings when paring to final depth.  My thoughts on chisels, it is more about sharpening and keeping sharp that what type of chisel you have.  I can say that the small brass mallet gave me so much control when used with the chisel, I would recommend it to anyone who uses chisels regularly.






Have to love it when I get to play with my new tools and make my wife happy finishing a three year old project.