A project for my house

By February 12, 2013Uncategorized

There are times when woodworking gets, for lack of better words, boring.  Don’t get me wrong I love woodworking, that is why I chose to do this for a living.  Sometimes I need to step away from all of the projects with time frames and budgets and just build something.  I just completed a small project for my kitchen that filled this criteria.  We have had a wire wine rack on top of our fridge that was impossible to clean and my wife would have to get a chair anytime she wanted a bottle.  I decided to use the side of one of our wall cabinets and attach the wine rack to that.  I did some research to find the average size of a wine bottle and searched out a router bit with a radius slightly bigger.  I used this bit to cut coves into platforms that would be attached to the side of the cabinet.  Fearing that the wine bottles would need more support I added a back against the wall to help support the weight.  I look forward to filling this project up and then emptying it out.



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