Drying Lumber with a Kiln

By May 30, 2012Uncategorized

To any and all woodworkers out there.  If you use wood to build anything I would suggest that you go and see Dr Brian Bond at Virginia Tech and take his class Drying Lumber with a Solar Dry Kiln.  I am getting logs sawn to my specifications and waiting and waiting for them to air dry.  I started to do some research on solar kiln designs and kept running across the Virginia Tech design.  With a little more research I found that they offered a class about building and operating their design of kiln, I signed up and attended the class this spring.  Not only do they teach you about the construction and operation of their kiln, they look at other designs and the possible defects that occur when drying and how to prevent them.

The biggest part of the class that I am taking to my workshop is how to test your wood for stability and defects before you start your project.  Dr Bond takes allot of time explaining the science behind wood defects and how to minimize them while drying lumber, that includes air drying lumber as well.  The information that is presented is not just solar kiln specific but covers all aspects of drying lumber.

If you have ever thought about drying wood I would take the time to get to Virginia Tech and  take this class

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