Ecommerce, the good, bad and ugly

By April 23, 2012Uncategorized

Sorry for the delay in posting here.  Our computer decided after 5-6 years of loyal service it had enough and decided to go on a permanate vacation.  We ordered a custom computer via the internet just before our old machine kicked off.  The time frame was never explained well unless you read the fine print but after 15 days we finally received our new machine only to find out it was broken.  Call the manufacturer, spend two hours working with tech support via online chat and the phone only to find out we need to send the computer back.  We spent good money on day one of the order being placed and patiently waited only to be let down.  After another 2 hours on the phone we finally came to an agreeable resolution.  I can say I am happy with the outcome but am frustrated with every thing we had to do to get there.  The offers ranged from buy a new computer and when we receive the old one you will receive a full refund to let us set you up with a finance account will no payments for 6 months to process the purchase of the new computer and return of the broken one.

You can find anything you are looking for on the internet but working through possible problems with the purchase make spending the extra money to buy from a local brick and mortar worth it.

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